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mrpeach’s OSC objects in Pure Data ‘vanilla’
step-by-step guide

1 – go to Martin Peach’s page: http://puredata.info/Members/martinrp

2 – download: packOSC.c, unpackOSC.c, routeOSC.c

3 – compile:

——> gcc -I/usr/include -shared -o packOSC.pd_linux packOSC.c
——> gcc -I/usr/include -shared -o unpackOSC.pd_linux unpackOSC.c
——> gcc -I/usr/include -shared -o routeOSC.pd_linux routeOSC.c

4 – copy:

——> mkdir /usr/lib/pd/extra/mrpeach
——> cp *.pd_linux /usr/lib/pd/extra/mrpeach

“/usr/include” is the path where the “m_pd.h” file resides. Change it if your header is elsewhere.
“/usr/lib/pd/extra” is the directory where pd looks for externals. Change it if you have it elsewhere.